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Hit Film Inc. Vidéo corporative / publicitaire Montréal Québec

Advertising and corporate videos

Hard to stand out?

That’s why we are here to help! Hit Film, with its unique technologies, develops original and innovative videos that highlight our clients. With us, video becomes a powerful engagement tool that delivers concrete results. We transform the way you communicate with your audience by creating captivating visual experiences that capture attention and foster interaction.

We produce all types of videos:

In the dynamic landscape of video production in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec, HIT FILM emerges as an essential creative force. Specializing in various fields, our Montreal-based production house has firmly established itself as a leader in the audiovisual industry.

Nous produisons des vidéos pour ces secteurs :

Technologie et Informatique

Informatique, Logiciels, Internet, Électronique, Intelligence artificielle, Innovation

Services Financiers et Immobiliers

Banques, Assurances, Investissements, Immobilier, Conseil financier, Gestion

Santé et Sciences de la Vie

Santé, Biotechnologie, Pharmacie, Dispositifs médicaux, Hôpitaux, Recherche

Industrie et Manufacture

Fabrication, Automobile, Aérospatiale, Machinerie, Industrie lourde, Innovation

Énergie et Ressources Naturelles

Énergie, Ressources naturelles, Extraction, Agriculture, Renouvelables, Exploitation

Consommation et Services

Commerce de détail, Hôtellerie, Restauration, Loisirs, Médias, Éducation

Hit Film Inc. Vidéo corporative / publicitaire Montréal Québec

The Soul of Your Brand: Corporate Identity Videos

With Hit Film's flagship service, dive into the heart of your corporate identity transformed into a cinematic masterpiece. We capture the essence of your brand by translating it into unparalleled visual elegance, offering much more than simple storytelling. Our creative process highlights your unique story, designing corporate videos that go beyond presentation to truly embody what defines you. Engage your audience with deep authenticity and memorable visual impact.

Captivating Content for
Social Media

In the ultra-competitive world of social media, Hit Film Inc. elevates your online presence to unmatched heights with videos and shorts perfectly tailored to your needs. Our secret? A powerful combination of captivating visual storytelling and technological innovations through iVideo, which brings your concepts to life in a spectacular way. Let us transform your ideas into viral phenomena, amplifying your visibility and engagement across all social platforms. With Hit Film, get ready to captivate your audience and make a lasting impression.

Applis de voyage
Tournage de vidéos

Reinvent TV Advertising with

With HIT FILM, propel your television advertising message into a new dimension of creativity and engagement. Thanks to our exceptional mastery of visual storytelling combined with cutting-edge technological solutions, we transform each commercial into an immersive experience that does not just present your brand but actively invites the viewer to interact and get involved. Discover how our innovative approach makes each advertisement a memorable and engaging moment for your audience.

Filmer un événement au Vietnam
Filmer un événement au Vietnam

Your Key Moments Highlighted with Hit Film

At Hit Film Inc., we transcend the boundaries of traditional capture to bring your events and the essence of your brand to life. Every significant moment is meticulously captured, transforming your highlights into captivating narratives ready to be shared and relived. Our approach goes beyond mere presentation, employing the art of video to brilliantly reveal the vision, values, and energy that drive your organization. Make each story a dynamic reflection of your brand, with Hit Film: where your moments become lasting memories and your corporate identity comes to life.

Examples of advertising and corporate video projects

Want to see more?

Turnkey or à la carte - you get to choose


Create original concepts that resonate with your intended audience


Discover how engaging narratives, whether for traditional or branching video, make all the difference in the world


We only shoot
using leading-edge gear to provide
stunning cinema quality results 


Expert editing, colour correction and grading, SFX, and sound mixing ensure professional quality video


Launch a smart discoverability campaign to make sure you connect with your audience 

Our expertise in immersive video


iVideo - Interactive video

Gone are the days of passive video. Create a more liberating personalized video journey by letting your audience explore and interact as they like.

360 video

360 video - Virtual reality

Place your audience in the heart of the action creating an incredibly immersive experience for them. More than just a video, it's a world to discover and explore with every glance.

AI Video

ia video blanc.png

AI transforms communication by cloning your spokesperson, reducing the costs of producing multilingual content and formatting for social media. This enables rapid updates and global reach.

Both industry-leading organizations and emerging SMEs trust in our expertise

Read more about interactive and intelligent video below :

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