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Videos for human resources

Lacking time?

That’s why we’re here to help! We understand that HR departments have been overwhelmed in recent years. That’s exactly why we’re here to automate your recruitment, onboarding, and training processes! With our turnkey solutions, you give us your direction, and we take care of the rest. From design to final delivery, we ensure your processes are simplified so you can focus on what truly matters for your organization.

We produce all types of videos for human resources :

At the heart of the effervescent promotional and advertising video sector, both corporately and across Quebec, HIT FILM stands out as a benchmark in creativity. Located in downtown Montreal, our studio proves to be an unwavering pillar of the audiovisual industry, thanks to our expertise in a multitude of specialized fields.

We produce videos for these sectors:

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Attraction, Selection, Hiring, iRecrutor, Pre-qualification

Development and Training

Skills, Training, Learning, iVideo, Professional development, E-learning

Welcome and integration - Onboarding

Contracts, Benefits, Records, Legality, Automation, Compliance.

Employee Relations and Engagement

Engagement, Well-being, Communication, Feedback, Corporate Culture, Retention.

Performance Management

Assessment, Performance, Objectives, Feedback, Progress, Alignment.

Human Resources Strategy and Planning

Strategy, Planning, Data Analysis, Labor Market, Forecasting, Resources.


iRecrutor turns your recruitment process into an unforgettable interactive experience. Use customizable videos to present your business opportunities via a real person or an avatar. Pre-qualify candidates with targeted questions and allow qualified candidates to schedule an interview through Calendly with a simple click of the mouse. Save time, attract the best talent and optimize your employer brand. With iRecrutor, the future of Human Resources is now within your reach!



Welcome and integration - interactive onboarding

Dive into the universe of revolutionary onboarding where cutting-edge technology meets the human touch, transforming the integration of new employees into a personalized and immersive adventure. Imagine a world where each new recruit is welcomed not with piles of documents and dull presentations, but with an interactive video guided by artificial intelligence. Here, learning and adapting to the company culture is done in an engaging way, through personalized scenarios that adjust in real time to the responses and needs of each individual. Gone are the days of uniform and impersonal integrations; welcome to an experience where each new member feels valued, understood, and prepared to embrace their new professional adventure with confidence and enthusiasm. This interactive onboarding is not just a step towards the future of work, it's a revolution in how we welcome and integrate talent into our professional world, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum satisfaction from the first moments.

Image de Jud Mackrill

Interactive video training - iVideo

Discover a revolution in learning with our interactive video training service, specially designed for human resources professionals committed to excellence. Embark on an educational adventure where cutting-edge technology meets human interactivity, transforming traditional training into an immersive and personalized experience. Our unique solution uses artificial intelligence to tailor content to each learner, ensuring deep understanding and increased knowledge retention. With captivating modules, engage your employees like never before, offering them a learning journey that stimulates their curiosity and encourages their continuous professional development. Look no further, invest in the future of your organization with our interactive video training and experience unmatched efficiency and satisfaction.

Learning in virtual reality

Dive into the learning revolution with our unique virtual reality learning service for human resources. Imagine a world where each training session transforms into a captivating expedition at the heart of custom-designed virtual worlds. Far from traditional classrooms and dusty textbooks, our programs offer an unmatched immersive experience, enabling employees to acquire skills in a dynamic and engaging way. Virtual reality breaks the barriers of the conventional, opening the doors to limitless learning possibilities. Participants are propelled beyond the boundaries of reality, where each training scenario becomes a memorable adventure. Join us to redefine the future of professional training, where learning is synonymous with enjoyment, efficiency, and innovation.

réalité virtuelle

Examples of Human Resources and iRecrutor video projects

Want to see more?

Turnkey or à la carte - you get to choose


Create original concepts that resonate with your intended audience


Discover how engaging narratives, whether for traditional or branching video, make all the difference in the world


We only shoot
using leading-edge gear to provide
stunning cinema quality results 


Expert editing, colour correction and grading, SFX, and sound mixing ensure professional quality video


Launch a smart discoverability campaign to make sure you connect with your audience 

Our expertise in immersive video


iVideo - Interactive video

Gone are the days of passive video. Create a more liberating personalized video journey by letting your audience explore and interact as they like.

360 video

360 video - Virtual reality

Place your audience in the heart of the action creating an incredibly immersive experience for them. More than just a video, it's a world to discover and explore with every glance.

AI Video

ia video blanc.png

AI transforms communication by cloning your spokesperson, reducing the costs of producing multilingual content and formatting for social media. This enables rapid updates and global reach.

We create human resources videos for the largest organizations in the country as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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