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360 Video

Virtual reality the way it was meant to be

Immerse your audience

In today’s digital landscape, our 360 Video format stands out as a multifaceted tool, offering applications across a number of categories including education, entertainment, and corporate communications. Its seamless integration capabilities, whether on web platforms or within virtual reality headsets, enhance content interactivity. Choosing 360 Video technology shows a strategic investment

in a distinctive user experience that increases user engagement and interaction with your content.

Hit Film Inc, video VR réalité virtuelle 360 Montréal Québec

Exploration, education, communications - always capture their attention!

360 Video propels your viewers directly into the centre of a highly immersive experience, encouraging them to navigate and uncover everything in their own way. This higher level of engagement not only holds user attention for longer but significantly increases message retention. Our 360 Video is a pioneering technology in education, entertainment and communications. Ultimately, there’s no better way

to engage your audience and make sure your message is heard, understood and remembered.

Available on all platforms and devices

In our quickly evolving digital age, 360° videos and virtual reality are redefining how users engage with content. With effortless access on devices from smartphones to VR headsets, we're witnessing a transformative shift in video consumption that provides ever greater immersion and interactivity.


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