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Hit Film Inc, Expert vidéo de musée et d'exposition hautement immersive à Montréal au Québec

Exhibitions, museums and tourism 

Need to enhance the visitor experience?

We are here to help. Exhibitions, events, and the tourism sector must continue to integrate digital technologies to enrich the visitor experience. Our expertise in creating interactive and immersive experiences is at your service. We manage everything from A to Z, from design to final delivery. Simply share your vision with us, and we will transform it into reality, captivating your audience in an innovative and memorable way.

We produce all types of communication and mobilization videos:

At the heart of the effervescent promotional and advertising video sector, both corporately and across Quebec, HIT FILM stands out as a benchmark in creativity. Located in downtown Montreal, our studio proves to be an unwavering pillar of the audiovisual industry, thanks to our expertise in a multitude of specialized fields.

We produce immersive video experiences for these sectors:

Museums and Art Galleries

Artworks, Exhibitions, Culture, Conservation, Education, Innovation

Historical Sites and Heritage

Monuments, History, Archaeology, Conservation, Culture, Heritage

Theme Parks and Attractions

Entertainment, Leisure, Families, Themes, Attractions, Experiences

Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism

Adventure, Nature, Ecology, Exploration, Activities, Sustainability

Cultural and Educational Tourism

Culture, Learning, History, Festivals, Travel, Education

Relaxation and Well-being Tourism

Relaxation, Well-being, Health, Spa, Yoga, Serenity

Hit Film Inc, Expert vidéo de musée et d'exposition hautement immersive à Montréal au Québec

Captivate your visitors

At Hit Film Inc., we are revolutionizing the world of exhibitions, tourism, and museums by offering unparalleled Immersive and Interactive Experiences. Our mission? To transform every visit into a memorable adventure. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we immerse visitors at the heart of captivating narratives, enveloping them in breathtaking sceneries that defy imagination. Imagine wandering through history, discovering hidden wonders of the world, or exploring distant galaxies, all within an environment where every detail has been designed to awaken your senses and stimulate your curiosity. With Hit Film Inc., every exhibition becomes a gateway to fascinating worlds, where history, culture, and technology meet to create unforgettable moments. Experience the extraordinary, discover the unprecedented, and let yourself be transported by the Immersive and Interactive Experiences of Hit Film Inc.

iVideo Interactive Screens: Immersion and Discovery Reinvented

Discover a revolution in exhibitions, tourism, and museums with Hit Film Interactive Screens, powered by our cutting-edge technology, iVideo interactive video. This innovation transforms every visit into an immersive and personalized experience, where screens are no longer mere display tools but true portals to unique adventures. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, our screens adapt in real time to your interactions, offering you a tailor-made exploration of ancient civilizations, natural landscapes, or artworks, while enriching your journey with interactive narratives and scenarios that react to your choices. With Hit Film Inc., cultural and tourist engagement reaches new heights, inviting you to live unforgettable adventures where every click opens the door to enriched and personalized discoveries.

Unrecognizable young man spending time in modern art gallery scanning QR code using his sm

Interactive Routes with Phones or Tablets

Discover the future of cultural and tourist exploration with our Interactive Routes for phones and tablets, powered by iVideo interactive video technology. Transform every visit, whether it's to a museum, a historical site, or a tourist attraction, into a unique and captivating experience. With iVideo, your mobile device becomes the key to unlocking a world of hidden stories, fascinating facts, and barely imagined wonders. Our interactive routes immerse visitors in a tailor-made, immersive adventure, allowing them to discover the most closely guarded secrets and the most dazzling spectacles at their own pace. Be transported to the heart of the exhibition or tourist destination, guided by rich narration and captivating interactions that awaken curiosity and engagement. With iVideo, every step becomes a discovery, every touch reveals a new dimension of the story. Experience unprecedented exploration, where knowledge meets adventure, and transform your visit into an unforgettable journey.

Image de Sara Kurig

360° Immersion: Revolutionize Exploration

Reinvent the visiting experience at your museum, exhibition, or tourist site with our virtual reality stations, enhanced by iVideo technology to offer 360° interactive videos. This innovation radically transforms visitor engagement, allowing them to immerse themselves in extraordinary worlds with an unprecedented freedom of discovery. Thanks to iVideo, each user becomes the master of their journey, exploring 360° virtual environments where every detail is an invitation to interact. From ancient art to natural wonders, through historical reconstructions, our stations propel visitors into the heart of captivating adventures, where the boundary between real and imaginary fades. Offer a new dimension to cultural and tourist exploration with total immersion that engages, educates, and amazes. Transform your site into an exceptional destination with the magic of iVideo's 360° interactive videos.

Examples of exhibitions, museums and tourism video projects

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Clients pour projets d'exposition, musée et tourisme :

Turnkey or à la carte - you get to choose


Create original concepts that resonate with your intended audience


Discover how engaging narratives, whether for traditional or branching video, make all the difference in the world


We only shoot
using leading-edge gear to provide
stunning cinema quality results 


Expert editing, colour correction and grading, SFX, and sound mixing ensure professional quality video


Launch a smart discoverability campaign to make sure you connect with your audience 

Our expertise in immersive video


iVideo - Interactive video

Gone are the days of passive video. Create a more liberating personalized video journey by letting your audience explore and interact as they like.

360 video

360 video - Virtual reality

Place your audience in the heart of the action creating an incredibly immersive experience for them. More than just a video, it's a world to discover and explore with every glance.

AI Video

ia video blanc.png

AI transforms communication by cloning your spokesperson, reducing the costs of producing multilingual content and formatting for social media. This enables rapid updates and global reach.

Read more about social mobilization videos :

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