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Hit Film Inc, Expert en Vidéo et Animation à Montréal Québec

Traditional video

and animation

Hit Film Inc, Expert en Vidéo et Animation à Montréal Québec

Captivate your viewers

Hit Film Inc. Expert en Vidéo et Animation à Montréal, Québec

We have long-been experts in traditional video production made for television, online and even the big screen. Our team has mastered every aspect of video creation, from scriptwriting to post-production to turn your idea into reality. In addition to traditional video, what sets us apart are our years of expertise in 2D animation. Whether you're looking to engage and captivate an online audience

or sell out movie theatres, we have the skills to help you do it. Long story short, Hit Film Inc. is your turnkey video production studio for any type of video you need.

Turnkey or à la carte - you get to choose


Create original concepts that resonate with your intended audience


Discover how engaging narratives, whether for traditional or branching video, make all the difference in the world


We only shoot
using leading-edge gear to provide
stunning cinema quality results 


Expert editing, colour correction and grading, SFX, and sound mixing ensure professional quality video


Launch a smart discoverability campaign to make sure you connect with your audience 

Examples of video
and animation projects

Want to see more?

We make videos for the government and organizations.

Our expertise in immersive video


iVideo - Interactive video

Gone are the days of passive video. Create a more liberating personalized video journey by letting your audience explore and interact as they like.

360 video

360 video - Virtual reality

Place your audience in the heart of the action creating an incredibly immersive experience for them. More than just a video, it's a world to discover and explore with every glance.

AI Video

ia video blanc.png

AI transforms communication by cloning your spokesperson, reducing the costs of producing multilingual content and formatting for social media. This enables rapid updates and global reach.

Learn more about traditional and animation videos 

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