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Intelligent and interactive
Simply a smarter video platform

iVideo, which is also called intelligent video, is an advanced form of interactive video that allows you to have a conversation with the user. The “i” in iVideo
also stands for “I” placing the user at the centre of the experience. "I" get to
decide and "I" know what interests me. Unlike traditional video which offers
a passive experience, the user is in the driver's seat and always in control
of how and in what order they wish to consume your content.

3X more captivating with 2X better results

Bored with bland videos that quickly become snooze-fests. With iVideo, you can craft brand narratives that don't just tell, but sell. Be prepared for a paradigm shift where your videos don't just play but captivate your audience leading to a threefold increase in attention and interaction. Beyond engagement, at the end of the day, it's about getting results and you can expect twice the normal conversion rate of traditional video. Beyond elevating

sales metrics and achieving specific communication goals, iVideo ensures your audience is delighted and always coming back for more.

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth many thousands, iVideo is worth millions!

The power of
a video, a website
and a chatbot all
on one platform


Examples of advertising and corporate video projects

Want to see more?

Hit Film Inc, vidéo de contenu et divertissement Montréal Québec

iVideo outperforms all other media

iVideo is the single most complete communication media available anywhere.

Beyond tripling your audience's interaction and engagement and doubling your conversion goals, it has the engagement of a video, the interactivity of a website

and the intelligence of a chatbot, all on one powerful platform. What's even better

is it can connect with over 2,000 applications including your CRM and Google Spreadsheet as well as to AI creating a robust fully automated ecosystem for

your business.

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Endless possibilities only limited by the imagination ∞ 

Easily shared

You can share iVideo anywhere just like you would a traditional passive YouTube video.

Lead generation

iVideo is the perfect tool for prequalifying prospects, whether you use it for marketing and communications efforts or for human resources automation.


Build it once and it becomes a tool that grows and improves over time. You can easily update your footage and add new content on the go. 

More than 2,000 apps

Connect to more than 2,000 applications, from your CRM

to Google Spreadsheet to automate processes and save

time and money.


When used as a chatbot, it provides a more human and friendly face to your organization  becoming an indispensable virtual representative.

SEO optimized

Unlike traditional passive video, iVideo content can be accessed by search engines to help you increase ranking.

Use it as a FAQ

Make all your communications more streamlined and efficient 

by directly sharing links to sequences that answer your prospects question.

Artificial intelligence

iVideo is not only conversational, but intelligent. The more you

use it, the smarter and more accurate it becomes.

Turnkey or à la carte - you get to choose


Create original concepts that resonate with your intended audience


Discover how engaging narratives, whether for traditional or branching video, make all the difference in the world


We only shoot
using leading-edge gear to provide
stunning cinema quality results 


Expert editing, colour correction and grading, SFX, and sound mixing ensure professional quality video


Launch a smart discoverability campaign to make sure you connect with your audience 

Both industry-leading organizations and emerging
 SMEs trust in our expertise

Learn more about interactive and intelligent video: 

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